About Codameno
  • Codameno are a software publisher specialising in business solutions for the music industry.
About Studio Producer CDS Software
  • Studio Producer CDS is proprietary software developed by Codameno for the music industry.
  • Codameno is a workflow application for professional and semi-professional music producers, DJ's, artists and independent record labels.
  • Studio Producer CDS primary purpose is to enable you to distribute your music and capture reactions to your promotional campaigns in a consistent, organised fashion.
  • Studio Producer CDS takes the data captured from your promotional campaigns and aggregates key information with other data to provide insightful analytics and graphical representations that can help inform planning, strategy and overall decision making.
  • Codameno offer Studio Producer CDS on a 'single use' license.
Interesting Facts
  • Studio Producer CDS has taken three years to design and develop from concept to production.
  • Over ten different prototypes were built in the process.
  • Over 150 professional and semi-professional music producers, DJ's and artists around the world took part in the Research & Development of Studio Producer CDS.
  • Studio Producer CDS attempts to learns its environment during installation and makes configuration changes in the background, so you don't have too.
  • CDS stands for 'Content Delivery System'.
  • The 'meno' in the name Codameno means 'with less movement'.
10 Minute Interview with JMT Records (London)
So Darren, we all know you as a producer, how long have you been a software developer and what is your background in this field?
First of all, thank you for inviting me along Tom. As you know I’ve been a dj and producer now for some years. However, what a lot of people don’t realise is I’ve also been a software developer for just over 15 years. Music and software development satisfy my creative appetite in a similar way and I gained considerable experience working within Innovation for one a largest engineering firms in the world.
Where did the idea come from for Studio Producer CDS? And can you give us a overview of the key features and benefits?
The idea originally came about from a set of personal requirements, ones i had and continue to have as a DJ and Producer myself. I wanted to distribute my mixtapes and that evolved into wanting to distribute my promos. These basic requirements evolved over time, and today there are over 70 features and benefits to Studio Producer CDS. To summarise the main core features are Studio Producer CDS acts as your website and can be indexed by search engines just like any regular website. Studio Producer CDS offers a number of user-centric features for your visitors, such as downloads of your mixtapes and promos without the need to register or login Studio Producer CDS offers the facility for fans to Like and Share your content, display your management booking information, your podcasts, display your latest releases that are in the download stores with links and so much more. Your CDS works hard to capture key data that helps you develop and better understand your audience.
However, the fun doesn’t end there. Codameno’s mission statement is 'With Less Movement' and the magic really happens within the admin console of Studio Producer CDS. From here you are able to perform actions such as back up your mixtapes or promos, design and send out email campaigns for your promos or mixtapes, automatically generate podcasts and broadcast automated status updates to Facebook and Twitter. Many of the features of the software may be turned on or off as you need, because the system is modular in design. If for example you are a DJ and wish only to display mixtapes, you can do this. Studio Producer CDS is highly configurable. The best place to check out a full breakdown of the key features and benefits is on the front of our website, codameno.com.
Studio Producer aggregates information captured by your CDS alongside information that is captured by third party sources such as MailChimp. There are a number of API’s already integrated into Studio Producer CDS, with more third party integration planned in the future in line with our mission statement and overall objective; to operate with less movement, automate day to day tasks or activities in a DJ or Producers workflow and ultimately afford us more time to focus on what we actually love; the music.
Is Studio Producer CDS a web based tool? How easy is it to get it up and running and would the average computer user be able to do it?
Codameno Studio Producer CDS is a web application, which for most users will mean it requires suitable web hosting in order to be installed. Codameno Studio Producer is compatible with many popular web hosting providers such as ImHosted.com and can be run inexpensively. Suitable web hosting offered by third party companies such as ImHosted.com, usually start at around £65 for the year, with a free domain name for 1 year. So asides from the software which in a one time one off purchase, your only other investment is a suitable web hosting package.
We do recommend users run their CDS securely and on a static IP and many web hosting providers offer these services for their customers at a nominal cost. If you choose to run your CDS on a secure domain with a static IP, these services will renew at the same time as your web hosting package. Its nothing complicated and you will usually get just the one invoice each year from your web hosting provider.
Once you have downloaded the software, you must configure your web host and install your software following the instructions at codameno.com/support. Once your web host is configured, there is an installation wizard that walk your through a few simple steps to install the software. Follow the Installation we provide and the installation takes only a few minutes.
One a difficulty scale of novice, easy, intermediate or hard, i would say its 'easy'. Those with some experience of running websites already will be at an advantage but codameno Studio Producer cDs is for everyone; So even if you have no experience with running a website, a Premium Support ticket may be purchased on our support page and we will arrange an Codameno Approved Support Technician install the software on your behalf. This service will also prove useful for those that may be limited on time or would prefer an expert install the software for them.
What support do you offer on the product?
Instructions and troubleshooting helpers are available on our Support Page and is free accessible to anyone. For specific help, similar to the Premium Support ticket for Installation, we offer a Premium Support ticket for after sales assistance.
Do auto status updates violate Facebook or Twitter’s sharing policy?
No. On the other hand, its true users behaviour may violate sharing policies. So for example, if you were to send out hundreds of messages of day from your account, you may be flagged. The same applies with sending out automated status updates. The usage of the features needs to be sensible and within the rules of the respectively networks.
What do you have planned for the future?
Lots of new features are planned for the future, we are listening to beta testers, listening to our product ambassadors and most importantly listening to our end users, the dj's and producers. Users of Codameno Studio Producer CDS will enjoy FREE system updates at no additional cost. These updates will serve to fix bugs, make general improvements and introduce new functionality. There is scope in the future for premium plugins and should we have any news to announce we will broadcast it through the admin consoles of users CDS and through our social media channels and of course, our website codameno.com.
Compared to the cost of hiring a designer or web developer to build a regular website, its inexpensive. We have already absorbed the cost of research, design and development of the product, so our customers don’t have too. All you need to get started is a brand logo.
Interview recorded 20th August 2016 with Tom @ JMT Records (London) http://facebook.com/jmtrecords.

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